Create Trust Not Spam

In 2019 the volume of content put out on social media is only slated to increase. This will create even more decision fatigue and disinterest among followers across all social media channels. In this position anyone trying to get eyeballs on social is faced with a choice: to be authentic or to be clickbait.

5 Ways Humility Works in Sales

Using humility in the sales profession can get you results. Where success is often thought to come from persistence and determination, humility in sales will help you break barriers between you and your prospect.

3 Ways To Build The Credibility Of Your Startup

Credibility is defined by Google as the the quality of being trusted or believed in. To have credibility as a small business is key to reaching and holding on to the customers you want to serve. The issue when starting out however is how to build credibility when you have none to start with.

How Small Businesses Win

If you ask most small business owners what form of marketing drives their business, they will say word-of mouth. We all use services that we were recommended by a friend or family member. It’s amazing how just getting one person to give a recommendation can turn into new loyal customers.

The Truth About Transparency: Exactly What We Do For Clients

“There's a common misconception out there about transparency. Far too often, companies see it only as a tool to be used when owning up to a mistake or righting a wrong. This approach is shortsighted and isn't an effective way to build trust. Customers will be far more forgiving of mistakes if a company has a history of being forthright with all interactions - not just the negative ones.”

Current & Future Prospects: Who is your customer?

This question is one that surprisingly few businesses are able to answer in specific terms. Sure they may have a general idea of the demographic of people who usually buy their products or services. But if asked to define their ideal consumer it’s not something that immediately rolls off the tongue.

Should Your Business Quit Facebook?

Many business are pulling out of Facebook. Is it a waste of time and effort for you?

Organic reach is the number of users that your business can reach for free. Facebook has a restructured algorithm that prioritizes personal content from friends and family (and businesses that people actually want to see). Sounds great right? Only if there’s something that your business is posting to facebook that people actually want to see.

Why iOS 12 Is Going To Grow Your Business

With Apple's iOS 12 right around the corner, it's time you know what to expect from this major update. As a business owner, you have limited time. That's why we've done the leg work to give you the most up to date information on iOS 12 and what it means to your business.

How Are You Measuring Success?

If you were asked how your business measures success, how long would it take you to answer? The majority of us could agree that success in business is always measured by money. Money must be a goal or at the very least, a top priority for any business. However, maybe it shouldn’t be our metric for success. 

Small Business Owners Marketing Survival Guide

With the many hats small business owners are wearing, it can often feel overwhelming to manage your marketing from day to day. There's plenty of information out there for what you could be doing and how you should be doing it, but lets face it, sometimes you must need to focus your limited attention on a few important tasks. In other words, what things are crucial surviving in the age of digital marketing.