Why Social Media Is Important For Any Business

We have reached a point in time where social media has become a pivotal factor in business success. Every person you talk to in the digital marketing space continually reiterates how important it is to connect with customers. For many who own businesses however, it is easy to remain skeptical of this because there are very few people out there who can actually explain WHY social media is as effective as it is. Well, this article is meant to do just that.

We’re going to start with sales. Yes, sales. There is a parallel I’m drawing that will become apparent later on. To be effective at prospecting in sales you have to be good at establishing a view of yourself in a potential customers mind. You want to be present just enough so that they remember you, but not so much as to annoy or frustrate them (or worse, have them ask that you stop contacting them). This way when they have a problem or need and are looking for a product or service to solve that, you’re the first person that pops into their head. In fact, if you were doing your prospecting right, you were probably already in their head when the need arose.

This has a lot to do with social media. Why? Because instagram, facebook, and twitter allow you to always be in your prospects mind with their consent. If you’re providing the right amount of value in your social media content, a potential customer will follow you. They will associate your brand with the content you are producing, and in this way you can shape your identity in a prospects mind.

From there if a potential customer ever has a need or problem their mind will immediately go to your brand. An avid follower on social media is akin to a customer saying they are willing to hear a daily indirect product pitch from you. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this? The benefits for any size business are huge, and the downsides don’t exist.