Should Your Business Quit Facebook?


Many businesses are pulling out of Facebook. Is it a waste of time and effort for you?

Organic reach is the number of users that your business can reach for free. Facebook has a restructured algorithm that prioritizes personal content from friends and family (and businesses that people actually want to see). Sounds great right? Only if there’s something that your business is posting to facebook that people actually want to see.

Here’s why AptoFX believes that these algorithm changes are good for small businesses.

The new algorithm is promoting personal content shared by family, friends, and businesses that they want to see. This is what social media should be doing at all times! What's the point in having 957 facebook friends if you only know 200 of them and only enjoy seeing the content from 15? The same applies to businesses. Would you rather see posts and promotions from every pizza shop in your city? Or would you prefer to get a news and updates from your favorite pizza shop that you visit regularly?

If your business only shares promotional material and boosts generic post that offer no incentive for engagement, then yes, this algorithm change should make you rethink your strategy. However, this change is going to open up the space for businesses who put time and effort into creating original engaging social media content to thrive. If your business spends only a couple hours a week creating engaging social content, then maybe it’s time you look into full time social media management services.

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