Infographic Work


Personal Work

I created this infographic a few months ago for AptoFX.


Forgotten Voices International

At Forgotten Voices earlier this year, I designed the 2018 Impact Report. I was given the data regarding our financials and beneficiary information, and I was able to present it in an easy-to-read, infographic way.

FVI 2018 Impact Report FINAL.jpg
FVI 2018 Impact Report FINAL2.jpg
FVI 2018 Impact Report FINAL3.jpg

Design Portfolio Banners3.jpg

ImageTech systems, inc.

Below is an infographic that I’ve created for ImageTech. This project was a trial as they were releasing their new Microsoft PowerApps branding. The infographic is a little bit text heavy, but that was the branding that we imitated as a Microsoft Partner.

Microsoft Powerapps.png

Design Portfolio Bannerstemp2.jpg

Europa Macchina

Until about 1 year ago, Europa Macchina was a certified retail store for Moto Guzzi Motorcycles. During my employment, I created the following infographics as printouts and social media advertisements for the following bikes:

California 1400 Touring.png
V7 II Stornello.png

Design Portfolio Banners4.jpg

Wedding Planning

Many of the graphics I have designed over the years in wedding planning are infographics! Please find them below.

Copy of Order of Processional.png
Copy of Photo Timeline.png
Copy of Thank you Cards.png