Forgotten Voices International (FVI) // Comm Coordinator

  1. Soiree At the oaks cloister

  2. Come & See 2019

  3. General Collateral


I am the Communications Coordinator at Forgotten Voices International currently, and over my time here I have completed multiple design projects. Please find their descriptions below per project.

Soiree At the Oaks Cloister

This event was one that I planned as a fundraiser in Philly in April 2019. I designed the invitations, RSVP cards, along with a few other small materials, but you will find that they match the theme. Although I am not fond of a black background with light text on any publication, it is what our Board of Directors requested. The graphic on the left side of the invite was custom made to fit the “Great Gatsby” feel that they were looking for.

Soiree Invite.png
Soiree RSVP 1.png
Soiree RSVP 2.png


Soiree Nametag 1.png

Come & See 2019

Come & See is an annual event that Forgotten Voices puts on every year as a fundraiser and awareness campaign in their honor. This is the third Come & See I have been part of, but this year was the first time I was the sole graphic designer. The theme of this event is “Continuing the Journey,” which is a play on the fact that we work in three countries in Africa: Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. We went through many drafts of the invitation designed as a passport, but eventually changed that concept because it didn’t correctly portray the mission and vision of our organization. Below you will find the Invite, RSVP card, social media announcement, place card, and design standards document.

Come&See2019 Invite11.jpg
Come&See2019 Invite21.jpg
Come&See2019 Invite31.jpg
Come_See2019 RSVP2.jpg
Come_See2019 RSVP3.jpg
FVI Come & See 2019 Email Header.jpg

Left: EMail & social media announcement
Below: Place Card Design

Come _ See Placecards.jpg
Come & See 2019 Design Standard.jpg

General Collateral

As the Communications Coordinator at FVI, I am able to provide my graphic design skills to any publication or collateral that they would like to create. You will find our 2018 Impact Report first, in which we provide statistics and summaries of our work over the 2018 fiscal year. This publication was important because we changed the organizations color scheme permanently to remove any dark brown, and allow for more white space - for a cleaner look and feel.

FVI 2018 Impact Report FINAL.jpg
FVI 2018 Impact Report FINAL2.jpg
FVI 2018 Impact Report FINAL3.jpg

The business card design was fairly straight forward, and it also was meant to reflect the new color scheme.

FVI Business Cards - BLW FINAL1.jpg
FVI Business Cards - BLW FINAL2.jpg

Below is an example of the beneficiary cards we print as collateral.

FVI Beneficiary Card - Elida Lungu - FINAL.png
FVI Beneficiary Card - Elida Lungu - FINAL2.png

Lastly, we take great pride in our mission and vision, so you will find them on almost all of our collateral, including the Call to Action Card (left) and Our Model Tabletop Sign (right).

FVI Call To Action Cards - FINAL.png
Our Model Tablesign.png