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 Europa Macchina // Advertisement design


At different times, both Caleb and I have worked at Europa Macchina, and now that we work through AptoFX, they are a repeat customer.

For Europa Macchina I have designed multiple ads and email newsletters. The ads are for the Porsche 356 Registry, which is a magazine. I am particularly fond of the ads because they have come a long way. When I started working with Europa Macchina a few years ago, their ads were somewhat antiquated and didn’t use design principles to make the composite attractive to the consumer.

You will notice, with the newest at the top, there is a progression as I gradually adjusting the ad from being very busy and having many dark colored elements to a brighter, whiter ad design.

California 1400 Touring 3a.png
V7 II Stornello-2.png
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Steel Aluminum Composite Coachwork.jpg
Ockhams Razor 2.jpg
Dream On Final.jpg
Rust Voodoo3.jpg
Don't Stop Ad Dark FINAL.jpg