What is Digital Marketing?

“Digital marketing is any form of marketing products or services that involves electronic devices.” - Neil Patel

If you look up from your laptop or phone, chances are the people around you will still be looking at theirs. We live in our digital worlds as much as our physical one. Instead of betting on the internet dying or smartphones becoming extinct, digital marketing connects you with your customers.

How important is digital marketing?

We’re guessing you’ve tried a few different forms of traditional marketing. Print ads, coupon mailers and signs or billboard on the side of the road all fall into that category. All of these bring exposure to your business. Digital marketing does this as well, but has the ability to reach a global audience in a measurable, cost effective way.

Why is video and graphic design so expensive?

It’s no secret that content creation isn’t cheap. Instead of asking why it costs so much, we should start by asking, “How much value can this bring to my business?” In the case of video and graphic design, you get what you pay for. Content is more than a monthly expense, it’s an investment in your brand image and serves as your company’s voice in the marketplace.

How can video help my business?

Video content is the way forward. To get your target audience to engage with your brand online or in stores, having content that tells your brand story and values is key. Building a narrative through video that surrounds what your business does will drive awareness and keep people talking about YOU.

How soon will I see results?

Results vary among the specific services we offer. SEO services might take 6 months to show significant results. A high quality video, on the other hand, will generate instant engagement. Websites, upon first impression and user experience, are the determining factor in your company’s relevance and dedication to a pleasant customer experience.

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